About me

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Radu Juster studied architecture in Paris and Montreal. Alongside his career as a professional architect, Radu Juster practices his first passions - writing and directing short fiction films, and photography. His films have been presented in festivals in Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, the United States and Canada. His photographs have been exhibited in Canada and Tunis, found their way in private collections, were printed and published. Radu Juster is also the founder and owner of Amedem Films, a Montreal-based company specialized in production of short fiction films and multimedia educational material. 

His photographic quest is part of the construction of a body of work in which human experience is dominant. The imagination of this artist is rooted in the narrative and it gives us fragments of human lives that oscillate between fantasy and allegory. Nothing is left to chance in the composition of his work – both film and photography. Attention to detail, neat, meticulous framing and carefully staged lighting give the work a dramatic, dreamlike power.

The element of surprise is a recurring element in the work of Radu Juster. Between foreign places, unreal characters and timeless lights, the artist takes us to the mystical universe, fun, contemporary and majestic. Ruins of Buddhist temples, incandescent lights of Berlin, Tokyo or Istanbul, or in his notoriously creative studio work – this artist’s eye captures the incandescent beauty and wonder of the human condition.

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